How Aerial Drone Video Changed the Game (and Rose Above It)

How Aerial Drone Video Changed the Game (and Rose Above It)

Can you remember the first time you dreamt of flying? What about your first time soaring in an airplane? Since long before the Wright Brothers got up to no good, mankind has fantasized about wind beneath our would-be wings, endlessly reminded by the weightless birds whose vision we would give anything to see. But for most of history, those marvelous aerial visuals of landscapes, forests and oceans were reserved for winged creatures and nothing else. 

Today, cutting edge technology and constant innovation have led us to one of the greatest game changers videography has ever seen: drone video. 

Toronto Cameraman, here to help! In this blog I’ll take you on a tour and give you the bird’s eye view of aerial drone videography, touching on all the exciting facets that make drones so appealing and useful to videographers and drone operators (and the clients who enjoy our services). On top of that, I’ll demystify the skies for you by showing you how accessible drone video services are, and where to find your own drone operator in Toronto.

Now come with me, your drone operator guide, and we’ll explore drones & aerial videography… from the ground up!


Let’s keep our soles planted on Mother Earth for a few moments and go over some terms real quick. First off, if you don’t know, videography is the craft of creating through video– it could be artistic, corporate, a live event, or some combination of all. Now what happens when we slap the word “aerial” in front of videography? Well, it’s exactly what you think: aerial videography/drone video combines the craftful capturing of video with the magic of flight! But how does the video camera ever make it off the ground?


There’s nothing quite like the first time you witness a drone float off the earth. No matter how big or small the video camera– from a Mavic 2 to a RED– no matter how many propellers, it’s always a sight to behold. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Some of you might already be asking, “what is a drone though?” Plain and simple, a drone is a flying machine designed only to transport a camera(s), or nothing at all if you’re a drone operator who just likes to fly his drone outside of your aerial video services. Each component of the drone is thought out and built for maximum efficiency– motors, batteries, propellers, everything is compacted into its lightest and smallest form– no dead weight.

So that’s a drone, but what can it do? Hop aboard and find out!


In a bustling city like Toronto where the film and video industry thrives, you’ll find heaps of self-described drone operator videographers telling you what they can do with their drone. They talk the talk, but can they walk (or fly) the walk? Without the right licenses and experience, these so-called drone operators/videographers are often limited in their ability and allowances (especially in a big city like Toronto, where aerial spaces are heavily regulated, even for a small drone).

As a seasoned videographer and drone operator with dozens of years of experience providing drone video services to clients (both in and outside of Toronto), I can confidently state that there’s not much I can’t do with my drone.

Don’t believe me? Check out some video samples, or my demo reel!


Let’s say you’re a client of mine– firstly, welcome to the services of Toronto Cameraman! Now that we’ve been introduced and you’ve painted me a mental picture of what you want, where can we go from here? That’s up to you!

Do you need some sweeping landscape video footage that grazes the tall grass before ascending and pushing towards the horizon? Done. How about a god’s-eye-view of a buzzing university campus where each hustling student appears no bigger than an ant? Easy (especially with my special drone operator license, which allows me to perform my aerial video services above people).

But what if you want something a little less aerial and closer to the ground? You don’t need to abandon the drone– in fact, plenty of incredible videography can be achieved with a drone by staying just several feet off the ground. For example, in this drone video I fly my small drone through a location filled with obstacles and obstructions. To even make this possible, I use a trick that only experienced drone operators and videographers should try: I deactivate the obstacle sensors on my drone. Why? So that my drone won’t stop and “tread water” in mid-air as it refuses to go too close to any objects. I only employ this technique because I trust my skills as a drone operator, and the moment the shot is in the can, I reactivate the drone’s obstacle sensors. 


All in all, drone video services give wings to the human eye and set it free to fly through our world. Bodies of water become easier to shoot with a drone (we’re not gonna need a bigger boat), trees must no longer be climbed, mysterious tunnels need not be explored first on foot… For all these reasons and more, drone videography has changed the game forever. If you’re not thinking aerial, then you’re just not thinking big (or high) enough!


Do you need a breathtaking Toronto skyline in your video? How about an incomparable view of Niagara Falls? Or a soaring sight of your Ultimate Frisbee team in the playoffs? Look no further than Toronto Cameraman, your one-stop shop for all video services, aerial drone services, and videography in general. 
My 30 years of sharpened experience, combined with your ambitious vision will result in an unforgettable video that will go above and beyond your expectations. Find me at (or maybe out and about Toronto with my drone) and watch your idea soar to new heights with Toronto Cameraman’s reliable aerial video services.