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Infertility is no longer the end of the road for couples wanting to have children. But among an increasingly wide array of pregnancy options, using your first family to start another family is one of the more unusual scenarios.

“Lonely” is a 90 minute-long documentary journey into the world of infertility, and one couple’s unique quest to get pregnant. It will explore the various natural and alternative approaches to pregnancy that this couple tried, as well as the emotional, physical, and financial impacts of those procedures. It will also investigate the biological and moral terrain associated with their decision to have a family member, carry a baby to term for them.

The documentary will use point-of-view footage of their fertility journey, stylized visuals of medical procedures and clinics, as well as controlled interviews with the couple, their family members, various health care professionals, and pregnancy experts.

Told in a strongly linear, narration-driven style, “Lonely” will present a very personal and intimate look at the reality of infertility, and the number of obstacles that couples need to overcome on the road to a successful pregnancy.



Homework is a film that tackles the single greatest mystery in science with a narrative that drives forward to a surprising climax. This film gives an inside look at the corruption and power plays within the world of scientific politics, while carrying the gravity of an idea that may literally change our understanding of reality. Homework carries the hallmarks of successful drama, with … A carefully crafted narrative… Compelling characters… And a fresh idea, that people around the world are interested in and actively studying. Perhaps the greatest selling point of this film is that it’s all based on a true story. Identities have been changed but the science, and corruption, and controversies it explores are rooted in reality.