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Green Screen Studio Lighting

Lighting styles, it seems, change as often as hairstyles do. And like hairstyles, everyone wants what’s in right now.  Recently, the go-to lighting style has become centered on backlight (where the primary light sources come from behind the subject rather than the front). Typically, the subject is lit from behind by at least two lights, and one (or more) fill light near the

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Drone Operator Exposure Tips

How is exposing for drone footage different than exposing for traditional shooting? In short, it’s not. The same principles apply to both formats, so what should be your primary focus when exposing for your drone shots? Here are a couple tips to keep in mind: Get enough LIGHT into your sensor—  too much light is better than not

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Hiring A Live Event Videographer

When seeking a camera operator for your project, you may feel overwhelmed with choices. But consider this: are all camera operators created equal? Each and every camera operator has a unique talent, a skillset that distinguishes them from an ocean of options. Here are some tidbits of advice to employ on your hunt for a cameraman:

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Drone Operator Obstacles

Flying your drone by foreground makes for a more dynamic shot— and who doesn’t love that? However, to achieve this, you may need to heed a few tips: Fly CLOSE but fly SAFE— if you trust your ability as a drone pilot, then go ahead and deactivate the obstacle sensors. These measures were put in place for safety

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Drone Operator Vs Crane Operator

I’m not sure how tall the World’s Tallest Camera Operator is, but not even they could reach the heightened POV that you and your clients/viewers want to see.  Sweeping, floating, and booming movements make the long-necked crane an alluring option. But like the World’s Tallest Camera Operator, there are still places a crane can’t reach. If a crane can’t

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